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Varanasi is the cultural capital of India and the melting pot of Indian civilization. Varanasi or Banaras has a well-developed transport network and is well connected to all the major Indian cities and states by air, road and rail.


1) BY AIR: The approachable airport to the city is Babatpur which is approximately 35 km away from BHU. One can easily get a direct flight to Varanasi from cities like Delhi, Agra, Khajurao, Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow and Bhubaneshwar airport. The taxi charges from Airport to BHU Campus are about INR 600/-.

2) BY RAIL: Since Varanasi lies in the heartland of the North Indian plains, it is connected to major cities of India via rail. There are two railway stations in Varanasi, Varanasi Cantt. Rly. Station (Junction) and Mughalsarai Rly. Station.

From Varanasi Cantt. Rly. Station (Junction) to BHU:

BHU Campus is about 10 km. from Varanasi Cantt. Railway Station. Round the clock Auto/Taxi services are available from Varanasi Cantt. Station to BHU (Lanka). The tentative charges are for reserve auto, Rs.120-150/-, shared auto Rs. 15/- and for taxi, Rs. 300/- to 350/-

From Mughalsarai Rly. Station to BHU:

BHU Campus is about 20 km. from Mughalsarai Railway Station. Round the clock Auto/Taxi services are available from Mughal Sarai Rly. Station to BHU (Lanka). The tentative charges are for reserve auto INR 200/-, Shared auto Rs. 35/- and for taxi, INR 300/- to 350/-

For all types of local travel including vehicles, bus, train and flight tickets, you can contact Mr. Amit at Janhvi Tours and Travels, Pradhan Katra, Hyderabad Gali, Suswahi, BHU. Reach him out on and at 9415448018,9839180937


Star Hotels

S.N.HotelAddress and PhoneStarsDistance From IIT-BHU
1.Hotel Taj GangesNadesar, Ph.-091-542-25030019.1 Km
2.Hotel RadissonThe Mall ,Cantoment9.1 Km
3Hotel ClarksThe Mall ,Cantoment11.5 Km
4Hotel SidharthaSigra Ph-22219615.3 Km
5Hotel HindustanInternationalMaldahiya Ph.- 091-542-23930127.2 Km
6Hotel IndiaNadesar7.7 Km
7Hotel De-ParisThe Mall ,Cantoment, Ph.-091-542-250513311.5 Km
8Hotel VaibhavPh.-091-542-25075938.6 Km
9Hotel Meredian GrandPatel Nagar8.6 Km
10Hotel PradeepLahurabir, Ph.-091-542-22045946.3 Km
11Hotel Pallavi InternationalHathua Market, Chetganj5.9 Km
11Hotel Ramada JHVThe Mall ,Cantoment, Ph.-091-542-251000011.6 Km

Deluxe Hotels

S.N.HotelAddress and PhoneStarsDistance From IIT-BHU
1.Gautam GrandPared Kothi, Ph.-091-542-22068867.4 Km
2.Rashmi Guest HouseMaan Mandir, Dasaswmegh4.8 Km
3Kaumesh HutJagatganj, Ph.-091-542-22026896.3 Km
4Hotel MaltiPh.-091-542-22228956.7 Km
5Hotel M.M. InternationalBulanala11.9 Km
6Hotel GangesAssi Road, Nagwa3.4 Km
7Hotel GautamRam Katora, Ph.-091-542-22064506.4 Km
8Hotel DaimondBhelupur, Ph,-091-542-22766962.8 Km
9Hotel New InternationalLahurabir, Ph.-091-542-22085076.1 Km
10Hotel Sarin InMahmoorganj6.3 Km
11Hotel Temple On GangesAssi, Ph-2368740 /23686403.4 Km
12Hotel RigencyAndhrapul7.7 Km
13Hotel Padmini InternationalMahmoorganj, Ph.-091-542-22200795.8 Km
14Hotel J.K. InternationalLuxa5.5 Km
15Hotel Lara IndiaDashaswmegh4.3 Km
16Hotel SuryaThe JHV Mall, Ph.-091-542-2508465/69.1 Km
17Hotel BaradariMaidagin6.4 Km
18Hotel AshokSigra, Ph.-091-542-22210585.9 Km

You can also contact Sonali Malviya, Sales Associate at OYO. Reach her out at and at +91-9936367853

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