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FAQ (for company)

The different ways of recruiting students are:

  1. Campus Recruitment Program in which final year students participate
  2. Summer Internship Program for 3rd year students which can be converted into a pre placement offer
To participate in the Campus Recruitment Program, a company must fill in the Job Notification Form and mail it at The opportunity is posted on the forum and the list of interested students is communicated to the company. You can also find the detailed Placement Procedure here.
No. There is no fees associated with the registration or the placement process.
A company will only be allowed to hold its PPT after filling up the job announcement form. A typical pre placement session is scheduled for 60 minutes. In view of the academic calendar of the students, the session are scheduled between 6PM to 9PM on weekdays, and between 10AM and 8PM hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Student representatives will get in touch with the company to fix a mutual convenient time for the session
Please refer to the Placement Calendar for this information.

The pre-placement talk is a platform for interaction between the company and the students. The presentation is followed by a Q&A session where students interact with company officials to get a better understanding of the company and potential roles. The important insights that the students expect from the PPT are:

  1. Profile and reputation of the corporation
  2. Career roles and responsibilities offered in different types of profiles
  3. Locations where the student is likely to be posted
  4. Compensation packages

Slotting is done subject to the following parameters:

  1. Student Preferences
  2. Work profile
  3. Compensation package
  4. Career Prospects
  5. Student Intake
  6. Past relationship with IIT (BHU) Varanasi

The campus is equipped with state of the art communication, computing, and presentation facilities to facilitate a smooth placement process:

  1. Teleconferencing and video conferencing facility
  2. Linux and windows lab for online tests
  3. Lecture and Seminar Halls for conducting PPTs.
Yes, there are multiple companies recruiting in the same slot.The results of all the companies are announced at the end of the slot and if a student gets multiple offers then he is allowed to choose between one of them and inform the office of his decision before the beginning of the next slot.

IIT (BHU) Varanasi follows a One student; One job policy so once the job is registered against the student, he/she is not entitled to sit for any other company.

On campus accommodation on payment basis in IIT Guest House is available subject to availability. For alternate arrangements, the list of hotels is available here.

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